Night Owl Graphics was recently featured on 3M’s website thanks to our work with Realty Mark, a Philadelphia real estate agency. These cars are well-known throughout the Philly area thanks to their bright blue sky on green grass design and eye-catching racing decals.

Night Owl Graphics, a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer, provided the wraps for these vehicles, working closely with Realty Mark to come up with the signature design as well as the flexibility for adding sponsorship logos. The sponsorships are real, and help Realty Mark cover the costs of these vehicles for their more than 600 traveling agents.

Why Vehicle Marketing Works

Race cars are attention-grabbing almost anywhere you go. This same principle brought the CEO of Realty Mark, Ray Gaber, to come up with the ingenious idea of wrapping his cars and selling the sponsorships to help fund his vehicle fleet costs. “If I put five or six sponsors on a Ford Explorer, it would look silly driving down the street. But when you put them on a sports car, suddenly you have a slick, great-looking vehicle that looks like a stock car,” he told the 3M website in an interview.

And he’s definitely on to something. Arbitron estimates that a wrapped vehicle that travels 15,000 miles per year will generate around 9 million impressions or views, and have a positive purchasing decision rate of approximately 30%.

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Vinyl Wraps: Serving Two Purposes

Vinyl wraps have two different huge benefits for someone like Gaber, who leases all of the vehicles in his fleet. The vinyl provides an extra layer of protection on top of the paint of the vehicles, preventing things like nicks, scratches, and other minor paint damage from occurring. When the vehicle’s lease is up, the wrap is removed, and the paint underneath is usually in perfect condition, reducing repair losses.

Vinyl is also exceedingly flexible in design. It can be adhered to almost any vehicle, and nearly any design can be printed on it, allowing you to make your vehicle into the eye-popping advertising machine your business needs to get your name out to potential customers.

Night Owl Graphics opted to use 3M’s IJ180c vinyl film because of its durability and ability to achieve the color saturation necessary to make the vehicle stand out visually on the roads. It’s not unusual for Ray Gaber to have people snapping cell phone pictures of the cars as they pass by, and he has even landed clients thanks to people simply talking to him about his cars.

Night Owl Graphics has more than 20 years of experience providing residents of the northern Philadelphia area with high-quality vehicle graphics to promote your business. We take great pride in being a Bensalem vehicle graphics company you can trust to help your business with graphic design and marketing solutions through exceptional service, open communications, and a passion for what we do.

Have a question regarding vinyl wraps for your vehicle? Call Night Owl Graphics today at 215.244.0444 to get a free estimate!